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Competitive Market: Updates

Doug Norton

The Competitive Market Game (Continuous Double Oral Auction) is a workhorse and played by over 50 percent of instructors to help highlight a variety of market related learning objectives. Therefore, it is big news to many users whenever we make modifications. In the most recent server update there were two modifications to the Competitive Market Game:

First, we have added an “Average” row in our tables. This is part of an effort to include measures of central tendency across all of our games. This will allow instructors to quickly compare the central tendency of markets to the equilibrium benchmark.

Second, we have added a new treatment “Buyer Subsidy” that can be used to illustrate the effects of  buyer subsidies in housing, education, healthcare, etc.. We hope many classes will find this useful.

We are always looking for new ways to make the platform better for our instructors. We hope these changes improve the effectiveness of your teaching with games and allow you to cover more of the areas you want to explore with students. Happy Playing!